Guardians of the Galaxy (2014): Corny Scripts and Cliche Hero Tropes But That Didn’t Stop Me From Liking It

I had fun watching this movie.

Granted, I did not have high hopes for it when I watched the trailer, because I did not see how a movie with a walking tree and a talking raccoon fighting to save the universe (excuse me, the galaxy) could be a really good movie.

Was it thought-provoking and meaningful? Did it keep me up pondering the philosophical meaning of life? Did I have an existential crisis upon realizing my purpose (or lack of purpose) in my existence?


But did I like this movie?


It was fun.

Yeah, there was the classic anti-hero who’s a thief but actually has a heart of gold, and the super evil bad guy who’s trying to destroy the world (sorry, galaxy), blah, blah, blah, but there were also big explosions, some cool fight scenes, and 80’s music.

The whole movie just has this whole flair to it that some Marvel movies don’t. Like, the X-Men movies were all pretty serious. A few moments of comic relief doesn’t make it funny. Does that mean those movies weren’t good? No, of course not. X-Men: Days of Future Past was awesome. But Guardians of the Galaxy had that sense of humor that made it somewhat unique.

And there was also the casting. I am not very familiar with Chris Pratt, but I definitely liked Peter Quill a lot. And the rest of the cast was definitely talented. Though I had a hard time envisioning Bradley Cooper as Rocket.

Yeah, this is Bradley Cooper.

But I gotta admit: some parts of the script were pretty awful. Awful, in the cliche and typical and I-could-recite-your-lines-without-watching-the-movie type. I’m sorry, but that line “I will bathe the star-ways in your blood” or whatever that Thanos said? I cringed. I still cringe.

Ronan wasn’t any better. He didn’t have any that was as bad as “I will bathe the star-ways in your blood,” but he also spoke a lot more than Thanos. Like, Lee Pace, this isn’t Lord of the Rings.

Also, I would suggest laying off the eyeliner.

Okay, more forgivable are the cliched hero tropes. Like when Quill basically sacrifices (or “sacrifices”) himself for Gamora to save her life and the audience is suddenly swept up in a “Oh, look, he’s a thief and an outlaw, but really, he’s a good person.” The very common anti-hero with the tragic backstory, etc., etc. (And don’t worry, this isn’t really a spoiler if you haven’t seen the movie. You probably would’ve seen it coming anyways.)

And then you have the sister rivalry between Gamora and Nebula, one good, one bad, and then there’s this huge fight at the most inconvenient time and one of them almost ends up dying, but doesn’t. The classic.

But given all that, I still liked Guardians of the Galaxy. And there were some parts that I was strangely emotional about. And the effects were super cool. Lots of explosions and spaceship flying and spaceships shooting at each other and raccoons and trees fighting…

Conclusion: Despite the cliched comic book/superhero ideas, Guardians of the Galaxy was fun and entertaining and visually attractive with cool special effects and computer technology that I don’t know how it works. Bonus points for Groot because he made a little teary-eyed at one point. Also bonus points for the humor and the nice combination with saving the world and explosions without making it seemed forced. 8/10.


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