The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014): In Which the Most Amazing Is Not, In Fact, Spider-Man

Yes, this one is not as good as the first one. But I didn’t dislike it. I mean, no, it didn’t blow me away with awe, but it maybe swayed me with a slight enjoyment. In fact, there were many things to like about it.

Like, one of those things is that Andrew Garfield is really cute. And also Dane DeHaan is in this movie. And Emma Stone.

Granted, the plot line was somewhat weak. Not bad, just predictable, very super-hero, just borderline cliche. It wasn’t a bad plot, it just wasn’t…interesting. The bad guy, Electro, was interesting at first, but then it just kind of turned into your “typical” antagonist pretty early on. “I want to kill Spider-Man and I don’t mind destroying the whole city along with it” and “I. Am. Electro.” You know, the works.

He does look really cool though.

Now, the characters were another story. Personally, I really liked Spider-Man’s sarcasm in this new series. His sassy remarks I find amusing to no end. However, other than his smart mouth, I am not a huge fan of his character.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the hero character, it’s just that I don’t find it particularly interesting. Peter Parker is, you know, Spider-Man and all with the “I want to help New York City” and “I love my family and my girlfriend” and “I’m gonna save everyone.”

It’s not even bad characterization, this is all just personal opinion.

And while we’re on personal opinion, Max Dillon turned Electro intrigued me. The way Max Dillon idolized Spider-Man at first, then turned all evil-bad-guy was a new kind of villain I hadn’t seen before. He had a legitimate reason (when I say “legitimate,” I mean from his point of view. From anyone else’s, it’s a bit irrational) to hate Spider-Man other than “He screwed up my plans to destroy the city and kill a whole bunch of people.” Max Dillon was very interesting.

But what really fascinated me was Harry Osborn.

I also really like his performance in “Chronicle.” Excellent movie, by the way. I recommend it to all of you.

Harry Osborn, childhood friend of Peter Parker and son of super rich owner of Oscorp, was sent away to boarding school at a young age and has come back to reclaim the company after his father’s death.

So, okay, kind of a screwed up background already. Then plot twist: he’s dying. And he believes he needs Spider-Man to save himself.

Except what he wants is very potentially dangerous and Peter Parker is just like “No.” Because it’s dangerous and he doesn’t want his friend to die.

Then it gets interesting. Because Harry Osborn is a desperate man. So desperate that he changes; he changes into a completely different character. And he literally does that.

(Don’t worry, none of these are spoilers. I just wanted to let you know how much I liked Harry Osborn.)

Personally, I found his interaction with Peter, his supposed childhood friend, was a little weak, but the movie did not really dwell on it and instead moved on. I thought they could’ve taken a little more time to establish the depth of their bond (I’m assuming their bond is very deep) so that when Harry Osborn goes “crazy,” so to speak, the impact on the audience is more emphasized.

Like, I get they were supposed to be friends and Peter is so glad to have his friend Harry back and then the ultimate betrayal and all that, but I just didn’t feel it. I saw it coming, but I just didn’t…feel it in my skin. Maybe there just wasn’t enough dramatic music.

All emotion aside, the score was pretty good. I’m a big fan of Hans Zimmer. Granted, it was not as memorable as Guardians of the Galaxy, but good soundtrack nonetheless.

And also good execution of slow motion action scenes. I was especially appreciative of it after watching that second 300 movie that had nothing to do with the first one where practically everything was in slow motion and it didn’t work out quite as well.

It’s kind of hard to show slow-motion through a picture, but you get my point.

It wasn’t as good as The Matrix, but it was good. Very well done. I may have to add that onto my list of “Movies with Good Slow-Mo” (which includes The Wanted–another movie I would recommend).

Conclusion: Granted, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was not as good as the first one, but still managed to pull off enjoyable, mostly through attractive people, good music, and nice slow-motion segments. Bonus points for Harry Osborn. And Jamie Foxx too, since Max Dillon was interesting at first. And how about Andrew Garfield too. He’s cute. 6/10.


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