Gone Girl (2014): Amy Dunne Is My New Favorite Character To Hate

I heard about the book first. I had planned on reading it before watching the movie, but things didn’t turn out that way.

Intriguing poster. It almost looks like a book cover.

I usually try to read the book first just because of personal preference and I feel like that my perception of the book would be skewed if I watched the movie. And also because the book came out first.

Either way, I don’t regret watching the movie because I really liked it.

Of course I had heard good things about it, but all I got out of it was that this guy was looking for his wife, thrilling mystery, etc., etc.

I mean, they weren’t wrong.

He was looking for his wife, and it is a thrilling mystery.

But it was also so much more.

In Gone Girl (directed by David Fincher), Nick Dunne is struggling with his marriage, but everything takes a turn for the worse when he comes home and finds his wife, Amy, missing. And so the tale of this twisted couple begins and I don’t want to say too much because not knowing about anything made the movie really interesting.

Most intriguing was its development. Twist-endings are a favorite among audiences, right? The twist in Gone Girl was revealed in the middle. It starts out all normal, your typical “thrilling mystery.” But then, about an hour into the movie, it completely changes directions.

Now, I’ll have to admit, it didn’t shock me, but it was a nice twist and definitely caught my interest even more than it already did.

Second most intriguing: Amy Dunne.

Look at her. I hate her. She’s such an amazing character.

Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) is basically a coldhearted bitch, so put it lightly and simply.

But an extremely well-developed and fascinating coldhearted bitch. Amy Dunne is a character that I can’t exactly wrap my mind around because what kind of person does this kind of stuff?

But I get it. I understand her motives, I understand her reasoning, I even understand why she had those motives. Therein lies the beauty of her character (and of the screenplay and acting, of course).

Amy Dunne is not a good person, no doubt about that. But I don’t care.

Morally, I disagree with her. But as a character, I felt like I understood her completely. With spectacular acting on Pike’s part and the well-done voiceover narration (unlike Horns), I knew what Amy Dunne was thinking when she did those morally wrong acts.

Although I was blown away by Pike, Ben Affleck had his share of contribution too.

There he is. Although not quite as fascinating, still an interesting character.

Nick Dunne didn’t quite hit me as much as Amy did, but I still appreciate his developed and three-dimensional character. He didn’t quite have that same spark, but Ben Affleck still convinced me that Nick Dunne was a real character, a real person.

Because the plot and characters were so intriguing, I really didn’t focus much on anything else. Normally I try to pay attention to the music, cinematography, or whatever else that movies usually have.

When watching Gone Girl, I simply forgot.

I was so busy thinking about Amy Dunne that I completely forgot to pay attention to anything else. I also forgot that I was supposed to be thinking what I needed to write for this review. It is one of the few movies that have dragged me in so deep that I didn’t pay attention to anything else.

That being said, I’m sure that everything else was great, although maybe not spectacular or unique enough to catch my attention.

Conclusion: Powered by a gripping plot and fascinating characters, Gone Girl captivates the audience as Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck reveal the story of a twisted couple. I am going to read the book at the next chance I get. 8.5/10.


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