First Post Ever (except not really)

Hello there nonexistent readers!

Hopefully someone is actually reading this because otherwise it would be really pitiful if my readers are actually nonexistent. 

But all pessimism aside, this is my first post on this blog, except not really, because I used to blog on another blog. As you can tell, I took the same name, Mostly Short Stories, but I am starting new and fresh the summer before my senior year of high school. 

WordPress told me to introduce myself in the first post. So here we go. Let’s do a list.

1. I like reading books and watching movies.

2. To me, food is great. And I can eat a lot and just about anything. I’ve been called a human trashcan before.

3.  My name is Jamie.

4. I was apparently named after a 90’s TV show.

5. I have a younger brother.

6. My younger brother is really annoying sometimes.

7. I suck at lists.


So I plan on writing book reviews, movie reviews, maybe a little something about my trips and travels that don’t happen very often and a little bit of my own writing on here. 

Side note: My movie and book reviews will depend on whatever I happen to be reading. I don’t exactly keep up with the newest releases, so if I suddenly wrote a review about movie that came out 15 years ago or a book that no one has ever heard of, just be aware that it might happen. 

Another side note: Most of the writing I will be posting within the next few months or so will be edits of my own writing from my early high school years. The unedited versions are on my older blog, but I assure you, my writing has much improved and you really don’t need to look for the older ones. 


And here’s a picture of me trying to avoid having my picture taken.